Being with you last night in the nursery room felt like being surrounded by a big cozy accepting warm blanket of love.

Big healing happened last night. The team spoke a word that God does not want to leave me broken in my brokenness. He wants to fully heal me in every way. Another team member received a word from the Lord before she even met me for the first time that He wants to give me His rest. Another team member shared the truth that I need to let go of all my expectations of all these earthly situations and wait -expectantly -for the Lords good plan.

The healing Rest of God landed on us.

I came home and shared some of the wonderful things you spoke over J’s situation with him and I could see it was sinking in and beginning to heal him as well. I’m so excited and waiting expectantly on the Lord.



“Junk removal”

– B.

Again, we were so blessed by your ministry to us. We feel God really moved to deliver us from a lot of junk that impeded what He wants to do in our lives. We are most anxious to learn all we can from your training sessions.


Answered Prayers

– Anonymous

Just wanted you to know that my daughter called me on the way home tonight and she sounded exhilarated! She said the Lord took all her prayers that she’s prayed for the last year and answered them tonight!! She said a lot more, but also said it was the best inner healing session she’s ever had etc. I’ll tell you more later. I am eternally grateful to you ladies. I don’t have enough words to say!


Unexplained Infertility

– L. (Team member)

We ministered to a girl who was diagnosed with “unexplained infertility” after 7 years of being married and had suffered from back pain that would require surgery. We walked her through forgiveness, encouraged her to deal with a lot of hurt feelings and we prayed against freemasonry. ONE MONTH later…..she got pregnant!!! I was just given the “OK” to share this wonderful news. She also is having NO issues from her back pain!! PRAISE GOD!!!


“… generational curse of self pity …”

– Anonymous

(Written after a workshop on Generational Sins and Curses.) God spoke to me about a generational curse of self pity…..??? That I see now manifesting in my kids (I definitely struggle w/ that). I thought it came from my maternal grandma…but then God showed me that my dad’s drive for success out of rejection from his dad …is also a form of self pity….which I never thought of…but it is a “I will show you …poor me…I will prove myself and prove you wrong” type of thinking.


Seeing Clearly

– M.

I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for the work the Lord has done with Aletheia Ministries. Our time together for prayer for me recently was a timely next step for my becoming both completely free and healed. We really got to a core wound, lie and stronghold (abandonment) that is allowing me to walk out healing in a much more comprehensive manner now. Everything looks different now: the past, the present and the future. The results are beautifully being manifested in my intimacy with the Lord, my relationship with my wife, interaction with others and greater wisdom in serving.


Our Children Changed

– Anonymous

I want to thank you both so much for your time and prayers with our son last week. We’ve really seen a difference in him and the biggest praise is that he’s seen a difference too. I had given my husband a list of some spirits that we felt he had, and all of the ones on that list were ones that you prayed about for him. I was so glad too that he opened up to you about some of his fears and struggles. He’s really been maturing more and more spiritually lately.


House Call

– P.

(After moving into a new house, this young family experienced years of unrest and sleeplessness from every member. After a call for help, Aletheia team members went to the house to pray.) ”…everyone started sleeping that very night. The baby even takes her naps. Lots of “stuff” left over from the previous owner. I wish we would have done this 5 years ago. AMAZING!”


“The troubling thoughts just don’t have the same weight that they used to …”

– J.

I can tell a big difference in how much easier it is to have control over any attack on my thoughts. The troubling thoughts I may have had several weeks ago just don’t have the same weight that they used to, if that makes sense. I can really tell that I am free in that area and it is a great feeling! I am interested in setting up another time to meet when you have an opening. I want to look at my relationship with my Dad affecting my ability to hear from God like we talked about. Thanks again for all of you investing your time ministering to me.


“I heard a lie there that I had nothing valuable to say…”

– C.

I have had the blessed opportunity to have two sessions of being prayed and ministered too. The first time I came with no real sense of what the Lord was going to do but expectant all the same. He never disappoints. I have two things that stand out for me. I realized that I had seen the Father as more of a headmaster wearing a black gown leaning over me, big and scary, to seeing him as still big but smiling over me and not wearing black anymore. I had always seen myself with Jesus but never with the Father – now I have had quite a few times just playing with the Father and him still ever smiling over me. I also had not realized that in some way I had seen myself as huddled and covered in black slime – yuck. After praying through that and then asking the Father how he see saw me – I was covered or dressed in Gold – precious, sought after and a treasure. How great it is to see ourselves like he sees us :):):)! The Second night I did have a picture of him showing me mountains and he told me that even though mountains have often been there a long time – he can remove them quickly – he did this that night. I have often seen myself speaking in front of many people and desire to minister His love, but had a lie there that I had nothing valuable to say and it would come out wrong etc. These and other related things were broken off – PTL. I also had some deliverance, soul ties and restoration done in regards to purity issues experienced many years ago when I was young. Many thanks to the ministry team who joined with the Lord to see me set free from lies and deception and restore truth to me in so many ways. Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit you truly are wonderful to me!!


“I had no idea the weight of the burden I carried …”

– A.

I greatly doubt that I have words adequate enough to convey the blessing that Tuesday was for me, but I’d like to attempt it anyway. Before Tuesday night, I believed that life this side of eternity was something to cope with. Every time I hit my knees in discouragement, I turned my thoughts to heaven and what it would one day be like, convinced myself that the harder I strived to simply “push through” the more I honored God. I didn’t think much of it because I just thought that’s how it works.
These past few days, I have had nothing to “push through”. I can’t tell you how freeing it is! I had no idea the weight of the burden I carried until it was no longer there. It might seem an exaggerated statement, but what happened changed my life. I feel free, and whole, and above all else, I feel so loved by my God. What an awesome ministry!!!
I am so excited to learn more! I want everyone to know the depth of God’s love for them. I want everyone to know the freedom He offers. I want them to know that we don’t have to wait for heaven to start living an abundant life. So that, in short, is how I am. I can’t remember ever feeling this…hmm, I don’t really know what the word is. Free, loved, wonderful? They all fit. Thank you for what you and Aletheia are doing. It’s amazing!



– L.

Thank you very much for your time today!! It was AMAZING! I also appreciate you allowing me to interject as a brand new intercessor! It blessed me to know that I was on track with a few things that I heard and I appreciate that encouragement!! The prophetic gift is amazing but not openly embraced where I am and I feel like a lone ranger all of the time. Just being in both of your company was healing for me.


Still Reeling…

– Anonymous

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for including me in this training. I absolutely loved everything– the church, the people, the training, etc. You all are family to me now.  I am looking forward to joining up with the bible study soon, and our next training. I am still reeling from what The Lord is doing and teaching me.


Turning Point

– C.

It was so great to meet you and I am so thankful to you and the ministry team for letting the Lord use you to minister to me! Today was such a blessing and such a turning point. I am amazed by God’s love and the new found comfort I have in Him and His resting place. I am excited to learn what else He has in store! You both were so gracious today and I thank you for it!


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