In 2007 God began to lead a small group from St. Giles to study inner healing tools and prayers. This group, led by Kathy Davis, began to see miraculous changes in their own lives as a result. Elle Westover also attended this group. As God began to heal and change the lives of the members, Elle and Kathy began to use the concepts they had learned to pray for people. Gleaning wisdom from other ministries such as Sozo, Derek Prince Ministries, Elisha House, Theophostic and others, Aletheia Ministries was birthed. As Aletheia Ministries has developed, the Lord has introduced additional ways through scripture that aid in removing any hindrances in ones relationship with God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

In 2010, Aletheia held their first conference and began to train and equip others in what God had started. Currently, Aletheia, a ministry of St. Giles Evangelical Presbyterian Church, conducts personal ministry sessions weekly. Leadership training through workshops and conferences is provided as needed and/or upon request.

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