About Aletheia

who we are

We believe that God’s desire is to transform lives through revealing the truth about who He is and who we really are in Christ. We are NOT who the enemy has defined us to be. We have found that from encounters with the Living God lies are exposed, strongholds are broken and Truth can be revealed. Gods desires his people to have full and transformed lives. Jesus not only offered salvation to those he encountered, he also healed and delivered them. Throughout scripture, people who encountered the Living God were saved, healed and delivered. It is through authentic encounters with God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit that people are set free. Our lives cannot stay neutral. It is our desire to mobilize God’s people to a life of freedom and outreach through the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

Aletheia Ministries is a ministry of St. Giles Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC. We provide personal ministry sessions as well as leadership equipping and training through workshops and conferences.

ministry tools

Aletheia Ministries trains and equips in what we call inner healing/deliverance “ministry tools”. By following the leading of the Holy Spirit and using these tools, wounds are healed, lies are revealed, strongholds are broken and truth is revealed.

Foundational tools
Exposing Lies
Healing Our Image of God

Advanced tools
Breaking Soul Ties
Breaking Curses
Healing Memories
Bringing Down Walls


who we are not

Aletheia team members are not professional counselors. This ministry does not counsel, give personal guidance or advise in any way. Ministry sessions are not counseling sessions but a time of interacting with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our goal is to allow the Holy Spirit to be your counselor. If professional counseling services are needed or requested, we would be happy to give you a referral.

We are laymen ministering through the working and the power of the Holy Spirit. The way that Jesus chose to bring Lazarus back to life is a perfect picture of how God uses laymen in ministry. In Luke 11, Jesus first instructed Lazarus’s friends to remove the stone that was blocking him; He then called Lazarus out of the grave and directed his friends to remove the grave clothes that bound him. In the same way today, God uses His people to remove barriers and hindrances that keep us from a healed, delivered and resurrected life. It is the heart of a loving God who desires to bring and restore life, and chooses to allow his people to be a part of his miraculous work.

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